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"I can't overstate the confidence I feel knowing this team cares about the big picture of my health. They've taken the time to listen to my unique situation, and for that I am appreciative!"

Known by many names, the goddess Juno has been worshipped by ancient civilizations for millennia. From the forbearers of Rome to as recently as seventeenth century Europe, Juno has been known as the Queen of the Gods, the counterpart of Jupiter, the Protector of Women, a Guardian Angel.

While Juno has many epithets, some as beautiful as Juno Adiona, the goddess of Safe Return, and as mundane as Juno Cinxia, the goddess of the girdle, her role as protector in childbearing and benevolent wise-woman helping those in need are her two most salient and celebrated personas. As childbearing goddess, a comforting and protective Juno was known as “the bringer of light”. To this day, many cultures refer to childbirth as “giving light” to a child. As wise-woman and guide, Juno provides wisdom, confidence and health to all women throughout their lives.

While we no longer have temples in Juno’s honor or invoke one of her many names, we still value what our ancestors recognized; Protecting, honoring and cherishing all women is an essential and central part of our existence.

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We welcome you to The Juno Group, a professional medical office where serving women is not just our vocation, but our passion.